National Product Sales, Inc.

NPS has been serving customers in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas since 1968. Our business started with a simple concept of assisting other businesses with overstock, refused, unclaimed, and damaged merchandise.    At NPS, our goal is to help businesses efficently deal with excess inventory in an environmently friendly way, while saving the consumer money on these products and goods.

At NPS, our mission is to bring exceptional value and integrity to our community.  We provide our business partners with the best possible return, our customers with products at affordable prices, and our staff members with meaningful, stable employment.

Where does NPS come in? With over 50 years of experience, we have a proven business model for our business partners that turns your potential loss into profits. NPS leads the industry in freight recovery and excess inventory management.
Our multifaceted sales strategy allows us to provide a solution driven platform for our business partners seeking profitable outcomes for their inventory.  With multiple channels of auction, wholesale, online and retail locations, we are able to help other companies relieve their inventory and turn it into profit.
NPS uses both brick and mortar and online channels to sell a vast variety of items from just about any category. The NPS Store located in Salt Lake City and Orem, Utah, is a bargain hunter’s paradise with great deals to be found on grocery, clothing, housewares, electronics, and collectibles 6 days a week. The NPS Industrial Store is where you can find great deals on sporting goods, furniture, hardware and tools, and also participate in our weekly public silent bid auctions held every Monday. For those that are connected to the web, you will get the added benefit of being able to view, bid and buy popular products from our listings on, eBay, and Amazon.
We take pride in serving our customers and providing them with the best shopping experience possible. A success for us is insuring that our customers are getting exceptional deals, high-quality service, and an exciting shopping experience!