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value discount stores holidays

Value of Discount Stores During the Holidays

The concept of shopping for discounts tends to take on increased importance for many people around the holidays, as many are looking for quality gifts for their friends and family without breaking the bank. There are several quality resources available to you if you’re among this group, and one is the presence of quality discount […]
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black Friday sales overrated

Why Black Friday Sales Are Often Overrated

We’re into the fall season, and many people who are looking for great discounts on products or services are thinking about upcoming Black Friday deals. And while there’s nothing wrong with looking for a great discount this time of year from many stores or retailers, there are also some definite ways in which the reputation […]
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winter clothes shopping budget

Tips for Winter Clothes Shopping on a Budget

As the Utah summer fades away and we prepare for colder weather in the fall and eventually winter seasons, clothes are one of several important considerations you might be thinking about. Ensuring you and your family are properly outfitted for the winter is vital, particularly for those who have limited budgets with which to shop. […]
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fall décor decorations affordably

Adding Fall Decor and Decorations Affordably

As we transition from the last few weeks of temperatures in the 90s to the beginnings of the slightly cooler fall season, many homeowners and residents are looking for some simple ways to spruce up their surroundings headed into autumn. There are numerous ways you can go about this, including if you have a limited […]
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clothing deals without sacrificing quality

Getting Great Clothing Deals Without Sacrificing Quality

There’s a natural assumption that it’s impossible to get high-quality clothing if you’re shopping on a budget, but this simply isn’t true if you know what you’re doing. There are a number of resources and options available for those who want to obtain high-quality clothes without breaking the bank, and taking the time to educate […]
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coupon types discount shopping

Coupon Types to Consider for Discount Shopping

There are several key concepts that play an important role in discount or bargain shopping of any kind, and coupon use is always on this list for anyone trying to get the best deals possible. It’s important to realize that there are several different types of coupon out there, each with its own qualities, and […]
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cheaper doesn’t worse health products

Cheaper Doesn’t Always Mean Worse for Health Products

There are some areas where people rightfully worry about discount products being of lower quality than others, but also many realms where cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean worse. One great example here is within the world of health and beauty products – you don’t always have to break the bank to find great products in this […]
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summer clothes shopping budget

Summer Clothes Shopping Hacks on a Budget

The warmest parts of the year are upon us in Utah, and many fashion enthusiasts and others are in the process of thinking about summer clothing and outfits. If you have a limited budget with which to upgrade your summer wardrobe, never fear – there are numerous ways you can easily get the pieces you […]
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measuring room home upgrades

Measuring a Room in Your Home for Upgrades

With the warm weather of spring and summer comes a variety of home upgrade needs, and one common necessity within various such projects is a need to measure a given room. Whether you’re changing the room’s dimensions or just looking for ways to change up its design or aesthetics, knowing how to accurately and efficiently […]
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vacation purchases operating budget

Vacation Purchases While Operating on a Budget

We all want to take vacations that are as luxurious and relaxing as possible, but we also naturally want to limit how much we spend on them. There are several ways to go about this, and some of them involve utilizing discount stores and related options for many of your supply needs. At NPS Store, […]
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plus-sized clothes breaking bank

Buying Plus-Sized Clothes Without Breaking the Bank

Everyone should be able to find and purchase the kinds of clothes they love without breaking the bank, and this includes plus-sized people or those with slightly larger dimensions than average. There are many great resources for clothes for plus-sized people, including for those who have a limited budget in their clothes shopping. At NPS […]
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how measure lawn garden

How to Measure Your Lawn and Garden Space

There are a variety of needs that may come up when you’re involved in any kind of lawn and garden or landscaping project, and one of these that’s relatively common is a need to measure a space. Whether to determine the proper amount of a given soil, to measure property boundaries or for any other […]
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tips purchasing furniture budget

Tips for Purchasing Furniture on a Budget

Many people are always looking to get the best deal on major purchases, and one great example here is any furniture you’re looking at buying for your home. If you’re shopping for furniture on a budget, there are a few simple approaches to keep in mind that will help you get the ideal furniture pieces […]
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costs low spring cleaning

Keeping Costs Low During Spring Cleaning Projects

While places like Layton, Orem, SLC and other parts of Utah are still getting some snow and riding out the later parts of winter, it won’t be long until spring finally appears and the weather gets much warmer. Spring cleaning is often a major project around the home once this happens, but many people are […]
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decorate Easter breaking bank

How to Decorate for Easter Without Breaking the Bank

With Easter now under a month away, many people are starting their advanced planning for decorations for this festive occasion. And whether you’re decorating for a large group of people, your own family unit or anything in between, one of your top priorities here will often be to achieve great Easter decorations without spending too […]
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upgrade bathroom budget

How to Upgrade Your Bathroom on a Budget

There are many areas of our home that we’d like to upgrade, but that seem difficult based on limited budgets. Many can be achieved pretty easily with the use of discount stores and products, however, and a great example here is any bathroom remodel or upgrade you’re thinking about in your home. At NPS Store, […]
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improving home exterior discount

Improving SLC Home Exterior With Discount Products

There are several kinds of home improvements that homeowners are often interested in carrying out, and some will involve their home’s exterior. Whether we’re talking landscaping and gardening, upgrades to physical structures or any other related area, there are a number of exterior home upgrades that you may be thinking about – and a discount […]
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budgeting baby clothes shopping

Basic Budgeting Tips for Baby Clothes Shopping

There are several budgeting areas you’ll need to prepare for if you’re having a child in the near future, and one of the most significant here is clothing. Because kids grow rapidly in the early years of their lives, they’ll run through lots of clothes – and having a solid budgeting system for your baby […]
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home repairs manage budget

DIY Home Repairs You Can Manage on a Budget

When some people think about home repairs and improvements, they naturally assume a huge, prohibitive cost attached to it. And while it’s true that some home improvement jobs will come with a large cost, there are tons of others that you can perform easily without breaking the bank – especially if you know the right […]
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avoiding holiday shopping mistakes

Avoiding Common Holiday Shopping Mistakes

As December is a month where many of us are thinking about the holidays and looking to purchase gifts for those in our lives, we’re focusing heavily on that in this space. While another of our entries this month discussed some simple ways of holiday shopping while on a budget, today’s entry will look at […]
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holiday gift shopping budget

Carrying Out Orem Holiday Gift Shopping on a Budget

The holidays are quickly approaching, and for those who have limited budgets, finding gifts for everyone in your life who you care about can be a bit of a struggle. Luckily, there are number of tools and resources out there to assist you, from discount stores and warehouses to several approaches you can take to […]
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kitchen upgrade discount products

Achieving Kitchen Upgrade Needs Through Discount Products

One of the areas of any home, condo or apartment that people spend the most time in and think the most about is the kitchen. Making updates to your kitchen is something that many regularly consider, and this is one of a number of home upgrade types that can be achieved affordably through the use […]
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decorate space breaking bank

How to Decorate Your Layton Space Without Breaking the Bank

Everyone wants a beautiful home, condo, apartment or related space, but the simple reality is that some of us have limited budgets to utilize for these needs. Luckily, there are a number of great resources and options out there for those looking to decorate their homes on a tight budget, and utilizing discount stores is […]
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Finding Great Discounts During Layton Inflation Periods

As a period of inflation is clearly upon us within recent months, consumers everywhere are impacted across many sectors. From increasing gas prices to numerous other areas, people are looking for ways to make their dollar go a bit further — and shopping at online discount stores is one great way you might go about […]
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Factors to Consider When Purchasing Discounted Electronics

Modern technology items can be a bit expensive in some cases, but this is also an area where many advances have been made over the years. Items that used to be incredibly expensive to produce are now relatively affordable in many cases, and there are ways to get great electronics and other technology for good […]
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Themes for Quality Gardening on a Limited Budget

If you’re like many people who own or rent a home, you want your yard and garden to look great — but you’d rather not spend an arm and a leg to do so. Luckily, there are a number of ways to go about gardening and performing yardwork without breaking the bank, including purchasing discounted […]
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Credit Card Rewards and Related Tips for Orem Discount Shoppers

If you’re someone who takes pride in their ability to save a few bucks with every shopping or grocery trip, chances are you’re already well aware of themes like credit card rewards and similar programs. If used correctly, these kinds of programs offer several major benefits, from discounted products through cash-back and various other kinds […]
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Best Times of Year to Go Discount Clothes Shopping

When it comes to finding the best deals on various products and services, timing is often a big factor here. This is especially true for areas like clothes shopping, where timing things right can get you enormous discounts on clothes that might otherwise have been well outside your budget. At NPS Store, we’re proud to […]
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