Best Times of Year to Go Discount Clothes Shopping

When it comes to finding the best deals on various products and services, timing is often a big factor here. This is especially true for areas like clothes shopping, where timing things right can get you enormous discounts on clothes that might otherwise have been well outside your budget.

At NPS Store, we're proud to offer some of the top discount clothing stores, discount grocery options and more throughout Utah. We regularly offer basic tips to clients on how to time their purchases to get the best deals possible, and clothing is one of the top areas here. What are some of the various times throughout the given calendar year where shopping for clothes is most ideal if you're looking for discounts? Here are some of the most common.

At the Ends of Major Seasons

Many stores are looking to clear out their inventory at the end of each season to make room for the next batch of arrivals. As a result, you'll often find some of the deepest discounts at these times.

Winter clothes, for example, will be deeply discounted at the end of winter as stores look to get rid of this stock before spring and summer arrive. The same goes for summer clothes at the end of summer, fall clothes at the end of fall, and so on. If you can wait until the very end of a season to do your shopping, you're likely to find some great deals.

Right After Major Holidays

Another time when stores are looking to clear out inventory is right after major holidays. This is especially true for holidays that are typically associated with gift-giving, such as Christmas, Hanukkah and Father's Day.

Stores know that many people shop for gifts during these holidays and they often mark their prices up accordingly. However, once the holiday is over, they're often looking to get rid of this inventory as quickly as possible so they can make room for new stock. As a result, you'll find some great deals if you wait until the day after or even a few days after these holidays to start your shopping.

Black Friday

Perhaps the single most well-known discount day in the US is Black Friday, or the Friday directly following Thanksgiving -- and clothes are no exception. On Black Friday, many stores offer significant discounts on a wide variety of items, including clothes.

If you don't mind braving the crowds, Black Friday can be a great time to snag some impressive discounts on clothing. However, it's worth noting that the best deals often go quickly, so you'll need to be prepared to act fast if you see something you like.

Cyber Monday

In recent years, Cyber Monday has become nearly as popular as Black Friday for discounts and deals. This makes sense given that more and more people are doing their shopping online these days.

Many stores offer significant discounts on clothing (and other items) on Cyber Monday, so it's definitely worth checking out your favorite retailers' websites to see what kinds of deals they're offering.

Back to School Periods

While precise dates here may vary slightly based on the school district, in general, the back-to-school period is a great time to find discounts on clothing. This is especially true for items like jeans and school uniforms, which are often in high demand at this time of year.

To take advantage of these deals, it's best to start your shopping a few weeks before school actually starts. That way, you'll have a better chance of finding the items you need before they sell out.

Spring Break

Another time of year when you'll find great deals on clothing is during spring break. This is typically a slower period for retailers as many people are traveling or otherwise occupied and not doing much shopping.

To take advantage of these deals, it's best to start looking a few weeks before spring break actually begins. That way, you can take advantage of the deep discounts while still having plenty of time to find the perfect items for your trip.

White Sale

One slightly lesser-known area is the White Sale, which will often take place in January or February as retailers look to get rid of winter stock. This is typically the time of year when you'll find the deepest discounts on items like sheets, towels and other household linens.

While this may not be the most exciting type of shopping, if you need to restock your linen closet, this is definitely the time to do it. Just be sure to check the return policy before you buy, as some retailers may have stricter policies in place during the White Sale.

Boxing Day

For our Canadian readers, Boxing Day is a major discount day that takes place on December 26th. This is similar to Black Friday in the US in that many stores offer significant discounts on a variety of items, including clothing.

If you're looking for deals on clothing, Boxing Day is definitely worth checking out. Just be sure to start your shopping early as the best deals often go quickly.

Specific Brand Sales

Finally, while the times here will vary widely across brands, many retailers will have specific sales throughout the year that are worth keeping an eye on. For example, J.Crew typically has a big sale in late August/early September as they look to get rid of summer stock.

To take advantage of these deals, it's best to sign up for the retailer's email list so you can be notified as soon as the sale starts. That way, you'll be able to snag the best deals before they're gone.

As you can see, there are a variety of different times throughout the year when you can find great deals on clothing. By timing your shopping right, you can save a significant amount of money on clothes that would have cost a lot more normally.

For more on this, or to learn about our discount clothing or other shopping options, speak to the dedicated team at NPS Store today.

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